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My name is Kylie Kennedy,
I always have had a passion for modeling and content creation since I was young. I started my development by utilizing social media platforms to formulate my digital literacy in active media trends and content creation.  My first social media platform gave me an in depth experience to what the opportunities of content creation had to offer. I transitioned from a social media creator to commencing my professional modeling portfolio in simple features as a classic catalog model. I made appearances in campaigns as a commercial model and competed in casting calls to walk for runway shows. As social media and technology continued to expand, I redirected my focus into digital marketing as a model, influencer, and UGC content creator.

As I progress further into my passion, I've been able to use my platform to be a part of various unique projects and lead a creative outlet to technological advancements in social media platforms. I've had the opportunities to showcase my favorite brands and designers in the fashion industry, work with multi-million dollar entertainment and lifestyle companies for global media,  and collaborate with other content creators internationally. I've been able to create my own visual representation of aesthetic appeal and open the perspective of individuals to embrace limitless creativity.

As my journey continues, I appreciate my followers for making this possible. Your support has given me the opportunity to utilize my passions and share my experiences with the World.  I've also been able to expand my platform and encourage development for individualism and creativity. I look forward to continuing to share my content and grow with you.

Thank you
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